Oncologists Trek For Cancer

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Dear Friends,
We are training as “Two Caring and Daring Docs” for an 11 day sacred trek in Nepal in September to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Fund.  We will be trekking up to 9 hours a day at 12,00 – 14,000 feet in the Mustang region of Nepal, a hidden kingdom that was completely closed to foreigners until 1991.

As medical oncologists, we take care of women with breast cancer.  Every day. many are cured – – some are not.  But whether they are cured or not, they all have to endure the fear and anxiety that accompanies the diagnosis.  They all have to keep dozens of doctor visits.   Some have to complete long chemotherapy regimens.  Most have to take pills for years.  They all have family and friends who worry about them.  Many have small children.  Work is disrupted.  Life is disrupted.  All wonder why they got breast cancer.  And all wonder if it will ever “come back.”

The key to unlock the secret of the causes and cures of breast cancer hasn’t been found yet, but great strides are being made.  The Breast Cancer Fund is examining the scientific evidence linking exposures to environmental chemicals and radiation with breast cancer.  To this goal, we are raising money with the help of your generous support.

EVERY PENNY YOU DONATE GOES TO THE BREAST CANCER FUND.  We pay for all the expenses of our trip.  If you donate $100 or more, we will carry a prayer flag  with the name of whom you wish to remember or honor.

Please visit our site and make an online donation at https://prevention.breastcancerfund.org/goto/twocaringdaringdocs or mail a check payable to Breast Cancer Fund with “Two Caring and Daring Docs” in the memo line and mail it to us.

Much love and many thanks,

Bobbie Head and Jennifer Lucas