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Barbara Galligan MD MPh


An evolving science Advances in immunotherapy have had a continual impact on how physicians help patients with cancer, bringing a complex mix of challenges and successes, says Barbara Galligan, M.D., an oncologist at Marin Cancer Center. “Immunotherapy mean ...


The Royal Nonesuch

Drs. Lucas and Eisenberg were delighted to learn they were both featured in an excerpt from author and Marin County native, Glasgow Phillips’ novel, The Royal Nonesuch, where the author describes his first meetings with Peter and Jen. We are all incredibly ...


Oncologists Trek For Cancer

    Dear Friends, We are training as “Two Caring and Daring Docs” for an 11 day sacred trek in Nepal in September to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Fund.  We will be trekking up to 9 hours a day at 12,00 – 14,000 feet in the Mustang region of Nepal, a h ...